Thursday, August 14, 2008

Chinese Gymanst...Child's Play

How old is she?????

So I have been reading a lot about how the Chinese Women's Gymnastics Team that took home the gold the other day might have underage members on it. Here's an example of one of these stories. I think it's hilarious that we are now complaining that the competitors are TOO YOUNG! Seriously, if a little girl or a little boy can beat you in an Olympic sport, don't you deserve to lose? It's not like this is a limbo contest, or some type of game where the entire competition is just about how low you can go, or how small you can get, there are all types of acrobatics and complicated skills involved. For a little girl to master these skills and beat other world class (adult) athletes is amazing.

Ok, so aside from my personal views that an adult should not complain about getting beat by a child, I would be interested to know why the 16 year old age limit was put into place to begin with. I would venture to say it has more to do with things like safety then fairness. It seems hard to believe that they would enforce such a rule because they are afraid all of the kids are going to beat the other athletes...Therefore if their parents and their country were ok with them competing, it seems like it should be their prerogative. And finally, if there are any 14 year olds in America or any other country that could do what these girls can do, maybe those countries should have sent those athletes as well.....BUT the other countries DON'T HAVE SUPER TALENTED 14 YEARL OLD GYMNASTICS PHENOMS, which is why they are so bitter.

In conclusion, stop crying about little girls kicking your butt in front of the whole world, and just move on with your lives. They were better then us, I don't care how old they were!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

PDA Turned Wifi Touchpad

Yesterday I found a really cool app called Stylish for the Windows Mobile platform, which is what my HP iPaq HX 4700 runs. It's a great little application that turns your whole PDA into a touchpad that connects to your computer via Wifi, so you can connect to any computer on your network, and you get the range of your Wifi network. It works great! And now I use it as a remote contorl for my computer that I have hooked up to my TV for watching on Demand TV like Lost, Heroes, My name is Earl, and lots of other TV shows from,, and

Here's the link to the Stylish app:

Oh, I almost forgot, you can use it as a digital whiteboard too!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Jocelyn's Wedding

Sunset Beach - Where the wedding was. The picture was taken from the back yard of the beach house the wedding party was staying at.

Jocelyn making her way from the back yard down to the beach during the ceremony.

A picture of the ceremony.

My new blog

Hey everyone,

Just starting to explore this blog craze that everyone has been talking about. I've been thinking about starting one on a few subjects, but this will be my personal musings just about anything. Perhaps later I will create a blog about specific subjects. For now I'm just looking to have fun with this and keep people up to date on what I'm up to. I'll try my best to keep this up to date, and comments are welcome.

Thanks for coming by,