Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Become a News Aggregator in your Social Network

In today's world of social networks, portal sites, and personal home pages, there is a WEALTH of news and information.  In fact there's almost too much to process coherently.  I'm writing this blog to express an idea you may or may not have thought of, and to show you how I've built some tools that can help you realize the importance of being a News Aggregator in your Social Network.

I have recently made an effort to use and understand social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.  I have found many wonderful things about both, and one that I'm particularly interested in, is the way news and information travels through these networks.  An unexpected thing happened while I have been conducting this research...I ran out of time to look at news.  But what I noticed was that, I was actually more current on things a lot of news I never would have read about when I had time to browse news on my own.  This is because there are certain people in all my social networks that post interesting news articles, videos, and pictures.  I didn't pay too much attention to them until I launched my new website RespectedOpinions.

So here is my observation.  Not only do I get to hear about things I wouldn't have otherwise due to my friends' combined interests being well outside of my own, the quality of articles to surf is usually much better.  I find I waste less time reading crappy articles, and get just the best from each category because someone else has done the sifting for me.

Ok, so what does that mean for you and me.  What it means to me, is that we should all try to contribute to this news stream with links pertaining to things we have the most interest, while using the "experts" in other fields to sift through articles in other fields to present to us the best of their field.  To me, this is a way for my friends and I to collaborate on gathering news without formally saying that's what we're doing.

So now that you understand the reason I think these tools are interesting, please visit RespectedOpinions.com

There you can track which of your networks value your opinions on each type of subject.  For instance, I noticed that my Facebook friends like to hear about Coupons and Politics.  People on Twitter seem much more interested in what I have to say about Games and Marketing.

Try using different types of Promotional URLs like I did to find out about your social network.  And BE A NEWS SOURCE FOR YOUR SOCIAL NETWORK.  We all benefit from well reviewed links and content.

Visit RespectedOpinions

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