Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Current Event Blogs

I have been trying to find good blogs to follow and have decided to share what I find with everyone here. Just to give you some ideas on how to find blogs, here are some methods I have tried.

Blog Searching Techniques
  • Twitter - I tried looking for things that were of interest to me, such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc, and found many people that were posting blogs about current events. I found this was extremely hit or miss...basically random
  • Google - As always, Google provided fairly good results
  • - I found an interesting tool on, which allows you to search twitter feeds which have urls in them. The interesting thing about this search, was it showed you how many clicks each of the blogs got on Twitter, so I was able to look for the ones that got the most clicks to find more relevant urls and that seemed to work much better than the twitter search.

Blogs Found
  • - A blog about current events as well as alternative energy and sustainable living.
  • Afghanistan Crossroads - A blog focusing on things going on in Afghanistan. This is a CNN blog so it has a lot of good video and many stories you don't see running on their main site.
  • - Great blog about alternative energy, sustainable living, and green technology. Not a lot of original content, but a great layout and good articles being presented.

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